ABNORM Stamps The World

ABNORM Stamps The World

In late 2009, the team began playing with proportions for an ABNORM logo, eventually formulating the geometry of a hexagon and a triangle. Every intelligent force has an emblem –  Superman was given the ‘S’, Texaco took the guiding north star, Air Canada wears the maple leaf – and ours had to be recognizable and deployable. The abnormally angled ‘a’ within a shape we comfortably agreed was the most future-forward and we suddenly had something you could project into the night sky…calling upon the ABNORMobile! What we made ourselves was an architectural stamp we could emboss or imprint physically and digitally on all our business traffic, the first order of appeal in branding.

Since the  stamp’s inception, ABNORM has sought out its shape in the living world, collecting inspiration from its use, purpose and location, and then photographing the evidence. It’s made cameos in Peter Hyam’s 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) and more recently in Universal Studios’ summer tentpole, Oblivion (2013), both films in their visual scope of the future. Have you seen our shape out there? some place or thing our stamp might fit? Join us in our search. Photograph it. Send it to be added to our others and be shown here for an ABNORM gear reward.

2010 the year we made contact

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

– ABNORM out

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