ABNORM studio @ IIDEX Toronto

ABNORM studio @ IIDEX Toronto

ABNORM was one of nine Québec companies invited by Mission Design to attend IIDEX Canada, the national design and architecture expo held annually over two days at the end of September in Toronto. Along with equal handfuls of boutique owners, sales reps, and French designers, our intrepid urban elves, Aboudi and Bella, were treated to a series of conferences and network events where ABNORM was exposed to more interest than they expected. With each hour of IIDEX specialized for this group, the elves could only be so gracious as to devour the gorgeous nosh they were presented with at every change of scenery. However it was between events where our adventurers discovered a vegan restaurant serving a legendary shepherd’s pie. They were then taken along designer’s walk where modern design shops flaunted and conceptual lighting companies dazzled.

Along the way they meting like-minded architect Massimiliano Mandarini, who happily shared news with the elves of the  green innovations expanding in Italy as well as the Eurozone. In another instance they also got to know Indian developer Ankhur Rana, at the IIDEX representing his father’s large construction company and very interested in the ABNORM agenda. The event proved refreshing and uplifting and ABNORM is thankful to Mission Design for the honour of their invitation.

– ABNORM out

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